Fire ants are a pain for any property owner, these ants can be painful to anyone that disturbs their mound. They will sting any person or animal that steps on their mound with no provocation. Fire ants also cause destruction to the environment by killing trees and shrubs.

The good news is fire ants are easy to control, they have few natural predators, and they are incredibly susceptible to most kinds of pesticides.

The bad news is fire ants can spread quickly and create large nests with thousands upon thousands of ants in a relatively short time.

Fire Ants


Fire ants are small, usually about 1/16th-inch long and reddish-brown in color. Their size allows them to enter almost any crack or crevice imaginable. Their nests usually have a mound of loose dirt that is dome-shaped with a single opening on top. These openings let the worker ants in and out.

It is at the top of a fire ant mound that a worker will first attack any animal or person that disturbs them. A worker ant can sting repeatedly and painfully.

Fire Ants


Fire ants multiply by swarming, which means they simply broadcast tiny winged reproductive ants from colonies over a wide area. These reproductive ants will then mate and once they do, new colonies are born.
Fire Ants


The best method for controlling fire ants is to prevent them from coming near your home in the first place. Try to maintain a clear area around your house at least 3-5 feet wide.

Fire ants are a painful nuisance to anyone with their home or property. They can be killed with pesticides, but they multiply quickly and spread out fast. The best way to control fire ants is to keep them away in the first place by keeping your home clear of tall grass and debris.

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