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Bugs, pests, and insects are the worst. They like to invade all your private moments. Let Bug Off Pest Charlotte County deal with them for you and get back in your business.

Bug Off Pest is the best company for Charlotte County Florida. We’ll get rid of any and all pests, both inside and out. We’re always upfront with our customers, offering them the best service and most complete guarantee around. We’ll remove any pests with a three-step process that includes using the latest equipment to inspect your home, applying non-toxic sprays in areas where you can’t reach or clean yourself, then sealing up those areas so no other pests enter.

Pest Control in Charlotte County
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Pest Control in Charlotte County
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Pest Control in Charlotte County
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Pest Control in Charlotte County
Pest Control in Charlotte County


Bug Off Pest provides top-quality pest control exterminating services for both residential and commercial clients in Port Charlotte. We’re insured, licensed, and able to provide you with a completely customized service plan that will fit any of your needs – from bed bugs to ants, and more. Our goal is to get rid of pests for good. We’re here for you!

We put a lot of time and effort into getting to know your specific needs, so that we can provide the best possible solution for you. All it takes is one phone call – our staff will ask all the right questions to make sure that we come up with a plan that’s just right for you. If you’re looking for an experienced, knowledgeable company that will treat you with respect and get eliminate those pests once and for all, call us today. Our service plans are tailored to meet your specific needs, so give us a call today!


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Pest Control in Charlotte County


As a commercial business owner, you want to offer the best possible service for your customers. That’s why it’s important to get any pest control issues addressed quickly. Your customers will notice and be less likely to come back if they see bugs
or other pests in your store.

Pest Control in Charlotte County


At Bug Off Pest, we specialize in getting rid of your residential pests! Worry no more about your home being infested with roaches, ants, spiders, or rodents. We offer the most effective and affordable pest control services for residents in the area.

Pest Control in Charlotte County


The exclusion method is a great way to control pests. It’s a physical barrier that will keep them out of your home or business, and it can be used as an alternative to pesticides which are not only costly but dangerous for humans. Bug Off Pest specializes in this type of service so give our team a call today!


You may not think that pests are a big deal, but they can cause major damage to your home. The good news is that you don’t have to live in an infested environment any longer! Bug Off Pest provides pest control services for residential and commercial customers here in Charlotte County Florida. Our friendly technicians will come out and inspect your property to identify where the problem areas are located then provide treatment so you can finally enjoy living in a pest free environment again! Give Bug Off Pest a try Your local Charlotte County Exterminator.

Experience the Florida Pest Control Difference


Bug Off Pest is the best option for anyone looking to get rid of bugs in their home. We guarantee that our service will leave your house bug free, or we’ll come back and do it again at no charge to you. This includes rodent control services as well.


The qualified experts at Bug Off Pest are here to help you get rid of the pests in your home or business. Call us today, and we’ll send a professional out for a free consultation! We know what it takes to provide excellent customer service, which is why our company is the best in the business.


The Bug Off Pest team is dedicated to providing the most effective and safest pest control service in all of South Florida. With our many years of experience, we are able to provide a wide range of services including but not limited to lawn care, mosquito extermination services, rat prevention plans, and more!

Pest Control in Charlotte County

Bug Off Pest is a proud member of the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals

This certification allows us to perform pest management services in all types of businesses including restaurants. Above all, we pride ourselves on being the premier pest management services in the county, giving high-end services to every property we visit.


Based on 24 reviews.
Tracy & Artrell Perez & Jones
Tracy & Artrell Perez & Jones
Tracie and Carl came out to help with a roach and wasp problem and before they were even done with the treatment, we could see everything dying off. They are both genuinely polite and excellent at explaining the whole process. We are very happy and excited to start a long term service with them. Highly recommend to anyone looking.
Marble Technique
Marble Technique
Great team, super professional! Resolved the problem!
Kristopher Hamby
Kristopher Hamby
Chuck Slovak
Chuck Slovak
Got rid of the rats in attic. Carl. Called or dropped by to see status of the rat problem. Very responsive to our texts or calls. I would highly recommenfd this company. Resonable prices as well. Our yard is sprayed for bugs. As well
Brad S
Brad S
Carl was awesome! He did a thorough job and explained everything. We appreciate his service and will use him again!
Georgie Herbst
Georgie Herbst
Consuelo Ranninger
Consuelo Ranninger
Al v
Al v
Matt and Jenn Carland
Matt and Jenn Carland
Carl is amazing and so good at what he does. He has treated our yard multiple times for ants (no fault of his own- lots of rain and landscaping disturbance) and comes out quickly as soon as I let him know we have an issue again. He is always kind and willing to listen to any issues we have or any “pest unknown” pictures I send. He always answers me quickly and gives me the information needed to handle all situations. Highly recommend.
Angie Esposito
Angie Esposito
Say Goodbye To All These Guys!

A Port Charlotte Pest Control Agreement with Bug Off Pest Control, assures that NONE OF THESE critters will be using your home rent-free!

Pest Control in Charlotte County

German Cockroach

German Cockroaches are Environmentally Conducive Invaders.  They are the biggest nuisance pests for homes, most common invaders of homes, restaurants, and even planes and ships.

Pest Control in Charlotte County


These guys are a common Florida tick as well but they will feed on dogs preferably but will also attack hunters as well they can be found in tall grass and along roadways waiting to attach to a host.

Pest Control in Charlotte County

 Bed Bugs

These pests feed on mainly human blood but may also suck blood from animals like birds and bats.  These little critters will inject an anti-coagulate which makes the bite area itch causing scratching that leads to a bacterial infection. 

Bug Off Pest Control Ghost Ant


These little guys are very small and are most prevalent in the southern semi-tropical and tropical areas of the U.S., they are found mostly in kitchens of the home or business but may be found in other areas of a structure.

Bug Off Pest Control Brown Dog Ticks

Brown Dog Tick

These guys generally never attack any animals other than dogs, they transmit rocky mountain spotted fever to humans.  They are clever in their manner of finding hosts rather than climbing up on vegetation and waiting for a host to pass by.

Pest Control in Charlotte County

American cockroaches

American cockroaches can actually fly short distances!  This species is commonly an outdoor insect, and the larger of the cockroaches. 

Bug Off Pest Control Silverfish Invation


These are one of the most primitive insects, with about 18 different species known.  They live long lives taking years to mature and molt up to 50 times before reaching maturity.

Bug Off Pest Control Bees


Honeybees are protected!  We love our honey bees; they are important to our ecosystem and survival.  They pollinate our crops and provide some yummy honey.

Pest Control in Charlotte County


This cute little guy is very hungry and he doesn’t care what can catch fire.  The damage and destruction is not only food. 

Pest Control in Charlotte County


Fire Ants live on your lawn building large colonies and create large cone-shaped mounds of dirt.  Fire ants are fierce protectors of their nest and introduce a painful sting when they attack you or your pets.

Bug Off Pest Control Cat Fleas


These pests are the most common flea worldwide they are a parasite that feeds on the blood of dogs and cats despite their name as well they are carried on opossums, foxes and other wild animals.

Bug Off Pest Control Acrobat Ants


These pests are a slow-moving ant, found throughout the U.S. they are generally found outdoors under stones and in old stumps as well as door frames and woodwork and similar items, they may also take over areas hollowed out by other insects but they will invade a home for food.

Pest Control in Charlotte County


These ants are long-legged and swift in their movement, they are among the largest of the ants.  They invade home in search of food and nesting areas and can inflict a painful bite.

Bug Off Pest Control Mosquito Control


There is not a lot to be said about these pests, they are stated to be one of the most dangerous animals in the world.  If you live in Florida you know they are here. Mosquito control is important, as in recent years they have been responsible for transmitting West Nile disease to people.

Pest Control in Charlotte County

Black Fruit Rats

These pests are also known as black fruit or citrus rat, Norway rat is also known as the brown house rat, generally living in burrows they enter structures to find food. 

Our Happy Clients!

Pest Control in Charlotte County

Carl was awesome! He did a thorough job and explained everything. We appreciate his service and will use him again!

Pest Control in Charlotte County

Carl and his wife were the best price in town by a lot. The service I received was five stars. When I had an issue they were very quick to react and ensured the job was done properly and professionally.

Pest Control in Charlotte County

Carl and Tracy go above and beyond what would otherwise be expected of them. They are very thorough and are dedicated to giving you the best service possible yet keeping well within budget.
Highly recommend them!!

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