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American Cockroach/Palmetto Bug


  • The american cockroach can reach a size of up to two inches (Adult)
  • They are reddish brown in color.
  • Yellowish markings on shield that resembles a figure-8

Some Key Biology Points of the American Cockroach

  • These cockroaches prefer dark, warm, moist areas such as sewers, basements, crawlspaces.
  • They live outdoors in southern states and can be found in areas such as tree
    holes, wood piles and other miscellaneous debris commonly found around structures.
  • In southern states they commonly first move into attics (Especially with poor ventilation) then down into the home itself.
    During the hot summer months in the south they can be found harboring in soffit areas of the structures.
  • In commercial buildings they will move through pipe chases and can enter fromstorm drains and sewer pipes and emerge up into the drains in floors and sinks. this is also common in residential structures connected to public sewers/drains.

Residential Control Of American Cockroaches

  • Use drain screens wherever possible
  • Residents who have Seasonal homes should properly close up the home; place about a half of a cup of bleach in all sink, shower, drains within the home and cover them with a drain screen if possible. Also close all drain stoppers. Turn off the water supply to the toilets and flush out the excess water and cover the opening with plastic or saran wrap to help prevent pests from having access to the water they need to survive once they have entered the structure.
  • Keeping excess debris cleaned up from around the immediate areas of the structure will reduce the harborage areas therefore reducing the chances of these cockroaches wandering into your home.
  • Changing lighting around the exterior of the home with yellow bug lights or
    sodium bulbs can reduce attracting these pests as well as many other common
    pests found here in south florida.

Commercial Control Tips

  • Use drain screens where possible
  • Keep all grease traps and holding areas clean and sealed
  • Keep Dumpster areas and exterior areas clean and free of debris
  • Have regular inspections and pest control maintenance for your business to identify possible entry points and control pests in your structures.
American Cockroach
American Cockroach

Smokey Brown Cockroaches


  • 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches long
  • Uniform dark brown in color
  • Wings of both sexes are longer than the abdomen
  • White markings on the thorax and will stand out under the beam of a flashlight.

Key Biology Points

  • They can be found in the south gulf states such as Florida SW, Arkansas and parts of southern California.
  • They prefer to harbor in protected sites with moisture and dark areas with little airflow– Usually trees.
  • Commonly found under decks and low lying structures
  • They can survive in sewers
  • This cockroach is a strong flier and is often attracted by exterior lights and pet food left out overnight
  • I generally invades a structure through cracks under doors and openings around
    roof lines.
  • Populations will grow in poorly ventilated attics and crawlspaces and cockroaches will invade living spaces for these sites.
Smokey Brown Cockroaches
Smokey Brown Cockroaches

Brown Cockroaches


  • 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches long
  • Reddish dark brown with yellowish brown areas by the head
  • Identical in appearance to the american cockroach except the tip of the abdomen of the brown roach is stout and triangular whereas the american roaches is longer and thinner.

Key Biology Points

  • Mostly found in the southern U.S. from Florida along the Gulf Coast. It may occasionally be found in the north in greenhouses, zoos and steam tunnels.
  • Generally occurs outside in tree holes, wood piles, heavy vegetation, and mulch beds
  • May become established inside poorly ventilated areas such as attic spaces and crawl spaces
  • Indoors the females will glue their eggs to walls near ceilings and tend to cover them with plaster or other debris to hide them.
  • They have many of the same habits and the same conducive conditions, and control
    processes as the smoky brown roaches as described above on this page.
Brown Cockroaches​

Australian Cockroach


  • Reddish brown body about 1 1/4 inch long
  • They have a distinct spot in the center resembling bat wings.
  • Pale yellow streak on the outer edge at the base of each of the front wings.
  • The nymph (Juvenile) has many yellow spots on them mostly around the edges as seen before the wings are formed.
  • They will invade a structure entering from cracks under doors or in windows.
  • They are attracted by outdoor lighting and will harbor in mulch beds, and tree holes during cooler weather they can be found in attics.

Key Biology Points

  • Found ONLY in the south along the Gulf Coast areas west to texas.
  • Harborages are sites in protected , moist, dark habitats with little air flow
  • During cooler weather they can be found in attics and indoor spaces as well as sofit areas
Australian Cockroach​

Oriental Cockroach


  • Up to 1+ inches long.
  • Dark reddish brown to shinny black.
  • Male wings cover about 75% of the abdomen.
  • Females have small wing pads thus not having formed a complete set of wings.

Key Biology Points e

  • They are commonly found in sewer, pipe chases, under slabs, in drains and debris.
  • In the colder months they migrate back indoors around areas with water sources
  • Their feet lack pads so this roach cant climb on slick surfaces so they may become trapped in sinks and tubs.
oriental cockroach

Florida Woods Cockroach


  • Up to 2 inches long.
  • Dark red-brown almost black in color.
  • They have very short wings.
  • Produce a very strong odor so much that it is often called the “Stink Roach” this
    smell is a defense used to denture predators.

Key Biology Points

  • Primarily found in the West Indies, Florida and along the Gulf west to Alabama.
  • Only have one generation per year.
  • Adults can live for several years.
  • They live primarily outside in wood piles and leaf litter, much, trees, and similar locations.
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