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Pest Control Charlotte County


Crickets are attracted to light colors so it is not uncommon for them to invade your home through an open window or door during the night.  To avoid them getting in your home KEEP lights off at night, use yellow bulbs outside.  It is important that you do not let crickets into your house because they will spread throughout home.  pest control experts like BUG OFF PEST Charlotte County

Facts About Crickets

Did you know that crickets are able to jump up to forty times their own height? Did you also know that crickets make noise by rubbing their legs together as they are crawling? This is a form of mating call and is used for communication between male and female crickets. Lastly, did you know that crickets only live for about two months? This is because they have a shorter life cycle than most other insects.

Crickets Appearance

Crickets have two sets of wings, the front set is much larger than the backset. Their bodies are covered in protective armor that is either brown or black in color and they have three body segments and six legs.

Crickets prefer warm conditions with high humidity so if you live in an area where it warms up quickly and stays that way crickets will congregate in your area. Crickets eat vegetation, seeds, and other insects they come across. They also eat through cloth and paper.

Crickets are usually around five to six centimeters long. They thrive in the summertime because it is warm and humid, if you find yourself with a cricket infestation call pest control experts as soon as possible!

Crickets Signs of Infestation

If you notice any of these symptoms in or around your home there is a high chance that you are suffering from a cricket infestation.

  • Bug bites on humans and pets
  • Excessive chirping at night which sounds like raspy whispering
  •  Unusual scratching sounds in cupboards, behind furniture, or along baseboards of the house
  • Crickets live for about two months and have a shorter life cycle than most other insects
  • Crickets prefer warm conditions with high humidity, call pest control if you spot crickets in your home

Cricket Prevention Tips

If you want to prevent a cricket infestation in your home, there are several methods that you can use. You will need to close up any cracks or holes that may be present as crickets can very easily fit through small spaces. You should also be sure to seal off any entry points such as doors and windows. You should also change the exterior color of your home to light colors and be sure that there is not any standing or stagnant water on your property. Crickets are attracted to damp areas where they can find plenty of food, so it is important that you monitor this closely.

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