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Paper Wasps

Paper wasps are found all over the world. They live in paper-producing trees, and they feed on other insects that get caught in the paper. Paper wasps can also be found living under roof shingles, siding, or trim boards of homes where there is a gap between window and trim board. Paper wasps can be seen swarming around these areas, and sometimes they will begin building their nests on them.

When paper wasps build their nests in homes, they are not to be confused with hornets. Paper wasp colonies consist of 8-10 individuals at the most, while hornet colonies may contain thousands of individual insects living together. Paper wasps also do not have the same dangerous stings as hornets.

Paper Wasps

The Facts About Paper Wasps

Paper wasps are sometimes called umbrella wasps, due to their nests which look like small umbrellas. Their coloring may be red and black or orange and black, with brownish wings about ¾ inches long. The abdomen is banded in yellow and brown, with a stinger that has evolved over millions of years to be much less harmful to humans than that of other stinging insects.

Paper wasps are very beneficial, as they prey upon many garden pests such as caterpillars and flies. Unlike some stingers, paper wasps will not bother humans unless disturbed.

If a nesting area is found on the exterior of a home, it can be removed without harming the colony, by placing a large garbage bag over the nest and creasing it closed at one end. The wasps will eventually find their way out into the open air.

Treatment can be performed inside of homes if an infestation is found, simply by spraying a cleaner like Formula 409 or Simple Green around windows in soffits to deter them from building nests within structures.

Signs of Infestation

Clues that an infestation may be present include a paper-like substance on the outside of siding, soffits, or gutters where the wasps have been building nests. The presence of lubber grasshoppers themselves is also a sign of an infestation in these areas as well.

If you suspect you are dealing with paper wasps and lubber grasshoppers, contact your local Charlotte County Pest Control Company for removal.

Paper Wasp
Paper Wasp

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