Pest Control Charlotte County
Pest Control Charlotte County


Cigarette Beetles are a type of beetle that infests and damages food sources such as flour, grains, and dried fruit.

They can be found all over the world and in many different climates. Cigarette beetles often eat those foods because they contain high amounts of starch and sugar which they can digest much easier than other insects. They also like to live in places with high humidity like near insecticide contaminated rice and flour where they feed on the protein found there.

Behavior of Cigarette Carpet Beetles

The Cigarette Beetle has a very unique way of protecting itself from predators. When attacked, the beetle releases a chemical that alerts other beetles in the vicinity to do the same and together they produce a foul-smelling gas that is lethal to ants, roaches, and many other insects.

Cigarette Beetles are not dangerous to humans but can be very hazardous to your home. Cigarette Beetles are known for infesting and damaging many of your food sources in the home.

Pest control is the solution to stopping Cigarette Beetle Infestation. Professional help is recommended as these beetles can hide very well in hard-to-reach places such as cracks and crevices, making it difficult or impossible to spray yourself with any chemicals.

Cigarette Beetles Appearance

Cigarette Beetles have a dark brown color with light markings on their wings. They are small beetles, measuring just 2mm in length and 1mm in width.

Pest control in Charlotte County is necessary for those who are suffering from Cigarette Beetle infestation. Many different kinds of beetles, such as the Cigarette Beetle, can be incredibly hazardous to your home and food supply. Professional help is best for those who are suffering from this kind of infestation. BUG OFF PEST offers a wide variety of pest control services. One such service includes the ability to rid your home of Cigarette Beetles as well as any other type of infestation at your home.

Prevention of Cigarette Beetle Infestation

Storing food in a cool, dry place can prevent the possibility of an infestation. Pest proofing your home is also recommended as they will often eat through plastic and paper bags to get to your food sources. Sealing cracks or crevices that may lead into your home is necessary as well as keeping any insecticide away from these areas.

These beetles are a serious threat to your home. They can eat away at your food sources such as flour, grains, and dried fruit that are located in your kitchen. Cigarette Beetles often live in places with high humidity so it is recommended to keep the room where these foods are stored very clean of any debris or other dirt that may cause the humidity to be higher.

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