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Weevils are tiny beetles that are between .2 mm and 1.8mm in length. Weevils are known to be pests because they love to eat food items that humans tend to eat. The most important point about weevils is that they tend to infest food mills, flour mills, cereal mills, and grain elevators.

There are two main types of weevils: those that feed on grains, fruits, and nuts; and those that feed on various items in the soil. The second type does not cause as much damage.

The Facts About Weevils

While weevils harm an individual’s product, they are not known to carry diseases or reproduce in large numbers. The hard shell of this beetle can make it difficult for other pests to get inside of a food mill where the weevil is flourishing. In order to eradicate the infestation, it is best to have pest control companies come out and get rid of them.

The weevils can be eradicated from the food mill by using cold treatment or heat to kill the weevil and its eggs. Sealing off areas that are already infested is another way to prevent future outbreaks because they will not have a way to get back into the grain mill. Weevil infestations tend to be more common during the summer months because they flourish in the heat.

Weevil Appearance

Weevils can be identified by their long snouts, tiny filaments along with their bodies, and a thorax that is segmented. The weevil’s legs are located towards the back end of its body. The highest concentration of weevils will always be located in dark areas so checking food mills during the night hours when it is darker is a good way to find weevils.

In order for the food mill to be considered safe from weevil infestation, there should not be any larvae present and no evidence of eggs. It is important that these areas are checked before they cause problems in the human world.

The only other type of pest with similar characteristics are ants but ants have a constricted waist. Weevil larvae look like white grubs with a brown heads, and the adults can be identified by the snout on their faces.

Weevil Habitat

As a beetle, the weevil spends most of its time going through soil in order to find their food of choice. People may not think about it but there are many beetles that live in this manner and they rarely come into contact with humans unless a home is built on top of their habitat. The weevil is more active at night when it comes out to look for food.

In a food mill, there must be some way for the insects to get inside of the facility and lay eggs. While they tend to flourish in grain mills, they can also infest warehouses where dried beans are stored because these beetles survive off of legumes.

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