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German Cockroaches are Environmentally Conducive Invaders.  They are the biggest nuisance pests for homes, most common invaders of homes, restaurants, and even planes and ships.  They are most common in food preparation areas.  They like tight dark warm humid spaces.  This species will migrate to other parts of a structure when they become overpopulated to infest other areas of the structure.  When the lights go out they will begin foraging.  Signs of a large infestation is when they are seen moving about during the daytime in a structure.


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These guys are a common Florida tick as well but they will feed on dogs preferably but will also attack hunters as well they can be found in tall grass and along roadways, waiting to attach to a host.  The female tick will lay 4-6500 eggs and hatch in 36 to 57 days and can go without food for 500 days.  The nymph will crawl about looking for food and engorging for three to eleven days, babies will most of the time attach to rats.  Adults crawl about looking for animals for a blood meal.  The life cycle of the adult tick can take 3 months to three years to complete.  They carry Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Tularemia, Tick paralysis (companion animals).


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These pests feed on mainly human blood but may also suck blood from animals like birds and bats.  These little critters will inject an anti-coagulate which makes the bite area itch causing scratching that leads to a bacterial infection.  They will hide during the day behind baseboards in mattress seams, behind wall outlets,  headboards, and seams of wallpaper.  They can be transported from room to room or from outside locations such as motels, these guys can survive many months without feeding.  They like to hang out nearby where the host sleeps and lounges.


Ghost Ants are NO problem when we care for your home. Why? Because you’ll never have them. Discover the benefits of selecting Bug Off Pest!

These little guys are very small and are most prevalent in the southern semi-tropical and tropical areas of the U.S., they are found mostly in kitchens of the home or business but may be found in other areas of a structure.  They are very small and have a head darker than their body, hence the name ghost.  They are usually 1/20 of an inch in size and are a nuisance pest in structures in central to southern Florida, where the warmer climate is ideal for their species.


No….they do not only engorge on Brown Dogs. And they will not engorge on ANY pet or person when Bug Off Pest treats YOUR home!

These guys generally never attack any animals other than dogs, they transmit rocky mountain spotted fever to humans.  They are clever in their manner of finding hosts rather than climbing up on vegetation and waiting for a host to pass by, this tick will follow a host odor cues to search them out.  The tick population can grow quickly laying 1-3000 eggs after engorging on a dog’s blood and hatch in 19-60 days depending on their environment.


The only way you’ll be able to tell the difference is from these photos, because you’ll NEVER see one in person when you select But Off Pest as your Port Charlotte Pest Control Service!

American cockroaches can actually fly short distances!  This species is commonly an outdoor insect, and the larger of the cockroaches.  These roaches like a very warm and humid environment such as petting zoos storm drains and sewers.  They can sometimes be found in homes entering through a drain or an open door or window.  Like other cockroaches they can transmit diseases from surfaces that contact to humans.


Bug Off Pest makes silverfish a “thing of the past” when we get our hands on them. Give us a try and discover why!

These are one of the most primitive insects, with about 18 different species known.  They live long lives taking years to mature and molt up to 50 times before reaching maturity.  They require warmer areas.  They gain entry through foundations and openings around pipes and wires as well they can be carried in with boxes brought from infested areas.  They thrive in warm moist areas.  Silverfish feed on fabrics such as linen rayon and cotton as well as glue paper such as books and newspapers as well as dead animals and any type of human food.


We never exterminate Honeybees, we remove them. They are great for the ecology, and friends to nature!

Honeybees are protected!  We love our honey bees; they are important to our ecosystem and survival.  They pollinate our crops and provide some yummy honey.  When possible they are relocated from structures and property by a professional beekeeper they are only exterminated when there are no other options available so if you see these guys building a home on your property always call a professional.  Honey bees generally swarm April through May you may see large swarms on the side of structures and other objects but they are taking a break and will not generally sting during this time so it does not mean you are being invaded they will move on in search of a suitable nesting area.


They look so cute and seem so harmless, but let’s see how you feel when they transmit germs or disease within your home. Let us get rid of these cute little fellows before they cause harm.

This cute little guy is very hungry and he doesn’t care what can catch fire.  The damage and destruction is not only food.  In the United States, estimated 25 percent of house fires are caused by rodents every year.  Not to mention the structural damage caused to your home and business.  They also carry diseases such as salmonellosis, rickettsialpox, and leptospirosis.  The female house mouse can have half-dozen babies every three weeks and can produce 35 young per year.


If you don’t keep THEM under control, they’ll control YOUR yard. Let us keep your yard safe to walk thru with our Eco Friendly Fire Ant Treatment!

Fire Ants live on your lawn building large colonies and create large cone-shaped mounds of dirt.  Fire ants are fierce protectors of their nest and introduce a painful sting when they attack you or your pets. Some people that are allergic to bee stings can have an allergic reaction to their stings as well.  Large numbers of stings can even cause death to people who are sensitive to stings.  They will latch on to the skin and have the ability to introduce many stings.  Effective control of fire ants is best achieved by a complete lawn treatment by a pest control professional.  Treating individual mounds will generally cause the foraging ants to abandon the treated nesting site and create a new colony nearby.


Yup, CAT fleas. There are such a thing and they are actually just as serious a breed as the fleas you envision being brought home by your dog. Do something about it and keep your pets safe!

These pests are the most common flea worldwide they are a parasite that feeds on the blood of dogs and cats despite their name as well they are carried on opossums, foxes and other wild animals.  They are known to carry diseases such as plague typhus and are intermediate for tapeworms.  Once these guys become established they are always best controlled by a professional not only inside your home but outside as well to prevent re-infestation.  It is important to treat your pet and their resting areas as part of an eradication program with your pest management professional.


Do you have trees near your dwelling? Trees are the gateway for acrobat ant infestation in your home. Let us check and see if they are headed your way, or if they’ve already found their way in!

These pests are a slow-moving ant, found throughout the U.S. they are generally found outdoors under stones and in old stumps as well as door frames and woodwork and similar items, they may also take over areas hollowed out by other insects but they will invade a home for food.  They can be identified by the raising of the abdomen above their head which is how they got the name acrobat, they use things like power lines and tree limbs to gain entrance to a structure.  In larger colonies, the ant can sting and bite but where the colonies are smaller they tend to be timid in nature.


These destructive little devils are as feared as termites, and with good reason. They can secretly eat away at your very home and cause lost of damage!

These ants are long-legged and swift in their movement, they are among the largest of the ants.  They invade home in search of food and nesting areas and can inflict a painful bite.  They prefer to nest in wood that has been infested by termites and other insects or rotted and decaying wood.  Generally, an infestation of these guys is a sign of other issues within the structure.  In structures, they are commonly found in areas like windowsills, roofs, gutter flashing, porch columns and posts, and subfloors.  The common misconception about these guys is that they eat your home but carpenter ants do not eat wood but only excavate it to build a nesting area.  They feed on honeydew and household scraps.


Only the mosquito could get the human race to bat and slap itself all over its body, time and time again. Imagine your residence being mosquito free? Yup, it’s definitely possible. Call Bug Off Pest.

There is not a lot to be said about these pests, they are stated to be one of the most dangerous animals in the world.  If you live in Florida you know they are here. Mosquito control is important, as in recent years they have been responsible for transmitting West Nile disease to people.  Only the female feeds on people they require a blood meal to reproduce.  A pest control professional can assist in controlling these guys but at the same time home and business owners can help by keeping standing water away from their homes and businesses where the mosquito will lay their eggs.  While there are 80 different species of mosquitoes in Florida the Container Mosquitoes can be the biggest nuisance around homes here in Florida.


Florida Black Fruit Rats love to eat the fallen oranges, grapefruit, lemons, limes, and other fruit trees in your yard. If left untreated they multiply quickly and enjoy the easy pickings you’ve left for them.

These pests are also known as black fruit or citrus rat, Norway rat is also known as the brown house rat, generally living in burrows they enter structures to find food. Rats can access a structure in a hole as small as 1 inch. They’re known to carry diseases such as streptococcus and moniliformis. Roof rats will jump from trees and enter a home from openings on the roof such as vent stacks and air vents and many other holes and gaps around a structure. Rodents cause millions of dollars in damage to structures each year and can cause fires from gnawing electrical wires. As well they contaminate attic insulation requiring expensive repairs they will chew into airconditioning ducts and use them to nest and travel in. They can produce six litters having six to eight young per litter in 9 months.


Well, in part that’s true. They made their way from South Africa to become one of the most difficult species to control. (But of course, we can do it!)

These guys are an important species of a large group of ants; they form large super colonies with multiple queens. This ant originated from South Africa and will set up shop in and around your home and forage inside your home or business.  This ant is a predator to the fire ant queens and very hard to control.  They prefer a warmer climate so they are here in Florida.


Known as angry bees, hornets and yellowjackets can swarm and attack when they feel threatened. There is even an Asian version known as the “Murder Hornet” that has made its way into the USA. Beware!

These aggressive bees can be found in the ground or build aerial nests as well as inside walls.  Never attempt to exterminate these guys, always seek the help of a professional.  They will attack in large numbers and can cause serious injury and even death.  Always steer clear of a suspect area where they may have chosen to nest and call an exterminator for these pests.


Sounds like some kind of bug joke, doesn’t it? But yes, these cute little variations can certainly make short order of any bovine in the field. that they encounter. And their sting is by far the most powerful of the family.

These guys are pretty, but they are not technically an ant they are a wingless wasp that can and will inflict an extremely painful sting.  They are not aggressive and sting only in defense.  In addition, the actual toxicity of their venom is much lower than that of honeybees or harvester ants.  Unlike true ants, they are solitary insects and lack complex social systems.  Just leave them alone and they will leave you alone.