In Port Charlotte Silverfish can be a very creepy problem to have!

This species is quick-moving, slender, flat, and wingless. They have three tail bristles and can have silvery scales. Silverfish normally live indoors and are found worldwide. They often are considered pests because they feed on a multitude of items, including cardboard boxes, glue in book bindings, and other common office supplies, as well as personal items, such as pictures. Anything containing a high percentage of starch, such as paste, wallpaper, and some fabrics just to name a few, according to the experts. Visit for more information.

If you’re like most people, these creepy crawlies send shivers up and down your spine. These creatures thrive in high-humidity environments, meaning winter drives them inside to seek warmth. Look for broken window frames or gaps around doors in your home, for these are just a few ways these pesky critters can sneak in and make your home their own.

These pests are not only sneaky, they can also be tricky to get rid of, because they are experts at hiding. If you begin to notice Silverfish in your home or suspect you may have a colony, a good start is to contact the experts at Bug Off Pest to eradicate the colony, or to stop one from forming and getting out of control.

A continued partnership with a sustainable pest control company like Bug OFF Pest can ensure your home is protected from these creepy crawlies gorging themselves on your precious memories or important papers. Your home is for you and your loved ones, not these creepy little critters. If you find silverfish in your home, you definitely want them gone fast.

Bug OFF Pest is a professional pest control company with experience controlling Silverfish and many other types of insects and can be contracted to develop a management strategy for these pesky little pests. Give Bug OFF Pest a call today for a free assessment.

Port Charlotte Creepy Silverfish

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