Pest Control Charlotte County
Pest Control Charlotte County

Pest Control for the Fall and Winter Seasons

Pest Control for the Fall and Winter Seasons

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First things to do, to prevent the fall pest, you should know what kind of pests are present in your home. Pests can be categorized into three groups: 1) insects, 2) rodents and 3) arthropods. Insects include cockroaches, ants, silverfish and fleas. Rodents include mice, rats and squirrels. Arthropods include spiders and mites. The main purpose of having a fall pest control like Bug Off Pest is to eliminate these pest here in Charlotte County.

Next, you should know the general behavior of these pests. Most insects are active during the day and will go to their hiding places at night. Rodents, on the other hand, are nocturnal animals and they can be found in your home during daytime. Arthropods are mostly active at night but some species like spiders will come out during daytime.


The first thing a common fall pest control does is keeping insects from entering. Keeping house clean at all times vacuum vacuum vacuum, gives these little guys nothing to eat. Fix any leaks because bugs LOVE water. Sealing the holes on ways they enter your home, such also door seals and install new screens in places where insects can come inside your home. Avoiding leaving Firewood In the House, store it outside. When using fire wood, it is very important to check wood to eliminate insects from being carried in and use it right away. Also be careful what you bring home, so always seal food in tight containers, to avoid feeding this nasty insects.


Arthropods are those that living on the ceiling and walls of your home. It includes spiders, mites, ants and other insects. They can be controlled by keeping these pests away from areas where they want to live, so clean corners and cobwebs, ad seal cracks in you home also trim those trees and shrubbery away from home and eliminate cluttered areas. So if you had enough of those creepy spiders and ants , do regular lawn pest maintenance from Bug Off Pest here in South West Florida. We work from the outside in, so don’t forget to ask for our General Home Pest Services to get rid of any pests inside, the solutions are many especially after pest control service is done on the outside for fall, because you already know there are few places where this insect will reside inside of your home. If you still think those little ants or spiders might be bothersome then call Bug Off Pest here in Charlotte County Florida.


There are few ways on how they can enter your home, through holes or spaces left around the foundation of your house, like crawl space vents. Old Roof Chases and downspouts (up about 12″ above grade) should be repaired. Seal any other entrances such as roof vents to control rodents access points into the interior of your attic, also the end of downspouts and HVAC Chases. In most cases, entry will be made from your roof or exterior air vents these are common entryways to the home. In some cases these pests also are known to climb along walls and you must take care in making regular inspections especially when noises can be heard at night. Your pest control professional should look for holes and gaps and proper repairs should be made to prevent them from entering your home again. HVAC ducts are a rodents HWY within your home. For more tips, visit us here. Fall pest control with FREE Inspection by Bug Off Pest is a great way to prevent and control current or future issue. These pests will not only greatly effect the quality of your air in form of dust, viruses and many other airborne illnesses but can also cause serious health problems. Rodents can cause major damage to a structure or electrical wiring, water lines, vents and drains. The number one cause of house fires. This is why prevention is still one key step to save you from all these issues inside home. Rodent Bait Station population control is common method to limit the population around the exterior of your property so call Bug Off Pest in Punta Gorda Florida for exclusions and prevention. Call us at 941-676-2005

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