Pest Control Charlotte County
Pest Control Charlotte County

In Florida & Port Charlotte, Rodents can be the Scariest of Pests

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Rodents in Charlotte County Florida

Everyone loves wintertime in Florida, and so do rodents! Florida is a sub-tropical environment thus creating a year-round problem of one sort or another. Today let’s talk about the roof rat AKA Black, Fruit, or citrus rat. They can be easily identified with the tail being longer than the combined length of the head and body. Adult roof rats can grow to 6-8 inches in length, weighing 1/2- 2/3 0f a pound. as well they have pointed muzzles. The roof rat commonly produces 6-8 young per litter and becomes sexually mature in 3-5 months. This is why it is critical that they are brought under control swiftly. Cats and dogs are attracted to areas of the home that may be infested with a nesting area, especially cats as they can distinguish between a rat and mouse odors.

Property Damage: Finding a good pest control company Licensed in Florida to trap your rodents is vital. As any Floridian knows. Roof rats and other species of rodents cause millions of dollars in damage each year, entering structures and creating nests, especially in the wintertime when the weather cools down. Rats will use any combination of materials to build a nesting area in walls, attics, and other structures around a property. Rats can enter a structure through an opening as small as 1 inch in diameter. Rats commonly gnaw on wood, plumbing pipes, and wires causing structural damage and fires in homes.

How Do I Know If I have rodents? There are several indicators to help a homeowner identify the presence of rodent activity. One and the most common would be simply seeing one. Two you may see in places such as attics holes in the insulation they have created to travel within. Three rodents are nocturnal therefore traveling in the dark is second nature to them and they generally travel along the same pathway repeatedly leaving an oily looking trail in their path caused by body oils and urine. Rats usually travel along walls using their keen sense of smell (Following the urine trail) and whiskers to guide them as rats are mostly blind as an effect of being nocturnal. Also, you can hear them moving about within a structure.

What Do I Do? Most people with a rodent infestation in Florida will seek the assistance of a professional to remove the rodents by way of trapping as it is not recommended to place baits within a structure because the rodent may enter an area of the structure dying and become inaccessible for removal causing naturally a foul odor.  After the trapping process, an exterminator will most likely make recommendations such as cleanup and sanitation of the nesting area to prevent odor and the spread of any disease within the infected structure, once this is completed it is usually recommended to perform an exclusion or rodent proofing of your structure to prevent re-infestation, this involves repairing any holes gaps and openings from the roof to the foundation of your property.

While the upfront costs may be a bit pricey it will help you in the long run as other rodents will smell the travel path of the exterminated rodents and re-infest the property. Old nesting areas from rodents can attract insects and be infested with such things as fleas and mites. Please visit us at  click on support to explore other insects you may commonly see around the house.

Choosing the right pest control company can be a challenge. Ask questions like “are you licensed” and look them up on Sunbiz 

Ask for some background such as experience, do some research on your specific issue and ask questions, after all, you do not just go to Amazon and buy the first TV in the list so research your pest control company. After all, they will be in your home and around your family.

Always ask your technician what their process to solving you issues, Ask them what products they are using in and around your home or business. Ask them if there is an IPM Integrated pest Management approach they can recommend to solve your problems.

An IPM program is an effort to reduce the use of chemicals with a mechanical or environmental approach, such as the one we discussed above with the mention of rodent proofing importance in Florida (Exclusion services) for rodents which by the way is a good approach to many insect infestations. Like I say “It’s your home, not theirs…. let us keep them out”. Sealing up your home can greatly reduce the problems inside. This allows your pest management professional to work from the outside in, this is the preferred method of a good IPM program working alongside your pest management professional.

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ur neighbors and environment Pesticide safety is critical please go here to learn more.

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