Ghost Ants are also known as white-footed ants. They are found in the southeast of the US and they can be identified by their distinctive orange eyes, which give them their name.

Ghost ants are relatively small, measuring 1.3 to 2.4 millimeters in length. They are typically pale yellow or light orange in color with a dark abdomen, thorax, and legs. Like other ant species, they have three body segments – head, thorax, and abdomen – but unlike many other ant species, they do not have any visible constrictions that separate these segments.

Ghost Ant


Female Ghost Ants will forage for food and bring it back to the colony after which the males and females ingest it. They consume dead insects or plant parts, honeydew (a sweet liquid found on aphids), and other sugary substances. The species usually build their nests in moist areas like soil under stones, rotting wood, or in walls and ceilings of homes.

Ghost Ants are considered to be a nuisance pest because they feed on sweet substances, which is why homeowners occasionally find them around spilled soda or candy. However, they do not typically cause any property damage. Ghost ants tend to live outdoors under objects like leaves or rocks rather than indoors near food sources or inside homes.

The species is believed to be native to the southern United States, but they are an invasive species in tropical and subtropical regions around the world due to accidental human transport. Their colonies contain between 100-300 worker ants which care for an average of 10-30 eggs throughout their life span.

Ghost Ant


The ghost ant is a small ant that can be found almost anywhere, and they normally come out at night. They are attracted to moisture and will show up if you leave any food outside. They don’t build nests like other ants; they make colonies within the hollow spaces of trees or between walls in homes.

Most of the time, we are not aware that we have them in our homes because they are so small. The ghost ant is about 1/16th of an inch long. They are usually cream-colored, sometimes with a darker brown color on top of their abdomen.

When you see the ants out during the day, it’s likely that they have infested your home or are nesting in close proximity to it.

Ghost Ant


To control ghost ants, there are two main steps. The first step is finding where they are coming from so you can spray with an outdoor residual insecticide that targets ants. You will need a professional pest control company to come out and perform the initial treatment.

The second step is to take precautions so they cannot come back. The best way to do this is to seal up any openings in the foundation of your house, ensuring that there are no places for ghost ants or other insects like earwigs or silverfish to get in your home again.

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